Everyone Wants To Be Heard: The Discipline of Listening

Everyone wants to be heard. From municipal employees to small business owners, to youth to politicians, every person wants to be taken seriously, to be respected, and to be listened to by others. Unfortunately the default mode of listening with most people tends to be critical and judgmental–listening to fix, advise, and solve.

Many leaders are taught that it is their job to hear the problem, discern the issue, and then offer solutions that will resolve the problem, and if they don’t do this, they are not leading. An assumption of this approach is that the listener knows what is best for the other person.

However, we all know that no two people walk the same path in life and what works for one person may not work for another person. It is also true that the best and most well-intentioned advice often doesn’t lead to solutions and may lead to unintended Continue Reading »

Everyman, Everywoman and Everychild

Leadership is the job of Everyman, Everywoman and Everychild.

Leadership comes with the territory of being human. It is everyone’s responsibility to co-create the world we want to live in. Our challenges are immediate and large. We can’t wait for an official ‘leader’ to transform the world. The Elite don’t have the answers. We need everyone’s input. Every voice is valuable and must be heard.

Technical brilliance, rational competence, and masterful efficiency may have been dominant leadership characteristics in the last century. But their legacy is mixed. The world has suffered much at the hands of leaders who were masterful at manipulating external reality but who wouldn’t reflect on what was driving their actions. Continue Reading »

Embrace the Wolf. How To Make Fear Your Friend.

Is fear snapping you awake in the middle of the night?

Do you find yourself paralyzed by panic or terror?

Maybe you think you should always sleep like a baby. Maybe you’ve been told “that’s how things should be.”

But if you’re taking risks, pushing your life forward and not sitting on your hands, you’ll encounter fear. It’ll cause anxiety and keep you up.

Whatever your sleep habits, most people, when faced with fear, will choose one of two lousy options: fight or flee. And most of the time, you’ll either lose the fight or won’t be able to run fast enough to flee it. Continue Reading »