Don’t Tell Me About Your Penis

On Tuesday I attended a talk and reading by poet, Jimmy Santiago Baca, at Santa Fe Community College.

One of the last poems Jimmy read was partly about Jimmy’s young son discovering his penis and about Jimmy’s penis.

Before Jimmy read the poem, with his son reading lines too, he mentioned that we have been taught in this culture to be ashamed of our bodies.

This is true.  And yet, even as we find ways to become unashamed I don’t really care to hear about Jimmy and his son’s penises.  For my taste, they can find a different outlet for sharing their discoveries.

This is not about censorship, though it could be.  Jimmy can publish what he wants.  This is not a matter of repression, though it could be.  We need to be free to talk about the body.

It is a matter of discretion, tact, dignity and maturity.  Hearing about their penises doesn’t enrich my life, doesn’t give me courage, and  doesn’t uplift me.  Thank you but no thank you.

All subjects are not of value to me.

Steven Jobs, Suffering and Christianity

childrenA preview of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs says that he gave up Christianity at age 13 because he saw a magazine with suffering children on the cover.

When the biography comes out, I can read the context of his decision.  In the meantime, I would say he drew the wrong conclusion.   

That suffering hasn’t stopped doesn’t show a failure of Christianity.  It shows a failure of humanity. 

If enough people follow Christ’s example, then suffering would decrease.  Christ’s example is as valid, relevant, and essential, as ever.

Image:  Tim Green


Manipulating Gobs of Money

moneySunday’s New York Times had an article on the front page of the Business Day section, titled:  “In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated.”

Of course, people are unsophisticated to the complicated hog-wash these bankers spin.  Not to understand how the bankers manipulate gobs of money is no vice.  It actually shows sense and common decency. 

Denial is a very important defense for them.   If they acknowledge the grief and discontent others feel, then what would they do?   The banker’s very livelihoods are under question by the protests.

May the protests put them in a position to see more clearly.

Image:  AMagill