Not one is more Alpha than another.
Not one stands alone, an autonomous “I.”

Lost in the trees of their thoughts
hikers on their journeys can’t see

the forest of connected roots.
They trek past tan trunks

as if sorrows are separate.
Their boots wear the ground

as if soles are superior.
All summer long

the shimmering leaves sing
whether people listen or not.

-David Markwardt

We are born in and for community. The notion that some people are born leaders and others are born followers has more to do with a fabricated ‘reality’ than reality.

Sure, there are differences in talents and skills. People are born with talents that others can’t match. People develop skills that are superior to others.

But much of what we accept as real is socially constructed, and the inviolable facts of their existence can dissolve in a flash. Continue Reading »