So far the Board of Trustees at Penn State have done the right thing, firing those who could have responded rightly. 

Soon maybe they can turn their leadership to the thousands of students who rioted and who could benefit from a re-prioritizing of what is important.  Let’s hope the university can get back to its reason for being and put football and education in their proper places.

Victims at Penn State

The whole thing at Penn State is disgusting.  Football was valued over young lives? 

Sadly, appears so.  Almost no one there did the right thing.  Now, let’s hope those who could have acted differently and the Board of Trustees will show courage.

Steven Jobs, Suffering and Christianity

childrenA preview of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs says that he gave up Christianity at age 13 because he saw a magazine with suffering children on the cover.

When the biography comes out, I can read the context of his decision.  In the meantime, I would say he drew the wrong conclusion.   

That suffering hasn’t stopped doesn’t show a failure of Christianity.  It shows a failure of humanity. 

If enough people follow Christ’s example, then suffering would decrease.  Christ’s example is as valid, relevant, and essential, as ever.

Image:  Tim Green