Everyman, Everywoman and Everychild

Posted on Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Leadership

Leadership is the job of Everyman, Everywoman and Everychild.

Leadership comes with the territory of being human. It is everyone’s responsibility to co-create the world we want to live in. Our challenges are immediate and large. We can’t wait for an official ‘leader’ to transform the world. The Elite don’t have the answers. We need everyone’s input. Every voice is valuable and must be heard.

Technical brilliance, rational competence, and masterful efficiency may have been dominant leadership characteristics in the last century. But their legacy is mixed. The world has suffered much at the hands of leaders who were masterful at manipulating external reality but who wouldn’t reflect on what was driving their actions.

What is needed now is leadership with heart, courage, and wisdom. These qualities can be inspired and informed by poetry. Poetry by its nature can shake us up. It can touch our hearts and help us focus on what we deeply care about. And it can reconnect us with our values, principles and beliefs, pulling us into an internal dialogue about whether we are living them or not. Poetry, therefore, is a reminder to live right and a call to act courageously.

Living right and acting courageously — the world desperately needs them from Everyman, Everywoman and Everychild.

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