Global Warming and Leadership

Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 in Imagination, Leadership


Global Warming

When his ship first came to Australia,
Cook wrote, the natives
Continued fishing, without looking up.
Unable, it seems, to fear what was too large to be comprehended.

-Jane Hirschfield

The world is out of whack. I was in Seattle last week where they have experienced the second coldest spring on record. Denver had its second lowest snowfall on record this winter, while a short distance away on the other side of the Continental Divide, the snows were immense.

Here in New Mexico, we have fires from terrible drought. I feel like I am living in an apocalyptic hellhole with smoke and fires everywhere.

Global warming and other environmental problems, as well as the economic meltdown, are a problem of leadership. And, the solution is leadership. A different kind of leadership. We need leadership at all levels and across sectors to solve our big problems.

One group that is trying to address the challenges is the FRED Forum.

The idea for FRED, was born from the book Jim Bolt and Rocky Kimball wrote, The Future of Executive Development.

Jim and Rocky are working to break down the silos that too often exist between corporations, non-profits, governments, and NGOs, to work together in developing the kind of leadership needed to address critical issues and, as a result, help make a better world.

We need more groups like the FRED Forum.

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