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David Markwardt, MSOD, MFA is a published poet, consultant, facilitator, and leadership professional who believes that we are born in and for community, that leadership is infinite and universally available, and that those who serve must stay in touch with their heart’s desires to serve best. He brings these beliefs to all his work, including the three leadership programs he oversees. He facilitates the Coalition and Community Leadership Institute, supported by the New Mexico Department of Health. He is the leadership skills trainer for Leadership Santa Fe and for Teamwork in Action, a leadership program in Santa Fe Community College’s Continuing Education and Customized Training Department.

“I have met a lot of ‘poets’ over the years, but David is something different-a real poet and a real consultant. David is a skilled and serious consultant with a deep poetic sensibility.”
— Margaret Wheatley, speaker and writer and President emerita of The Berkana Institute
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The Poetry Table ™ is a highly creative and engaging process that affords groups new insights into their challenges. To address our challenges we must encourage all voices to be heard and respected. We also must respond to powerful questions which open space for new possibilities. They call upon the team to take responsibility for outcomes and their collective development.

“David Markwardt’s “Poetry Table” is a highly creative and engaging process that affords groups new insights to their challenges. David is a gifted ‘host’ of groups, creating a space for deep, meaningful connections to take hold and lucid insights to come in to focus. We invited David to The Banff Centre where he shared the “Poetry Table” with us. After experiencing it, I am convinced David’s “Poetry Cafe” will be the next “World Cafe” (that Juanita Brown shared with us).”
— Nick Nissley, Ed.D, Former Executive Director, Leadership Development at The Banff Centre
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