The Limits of Willfulness

Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2011 in Leadership


The Avowal

As swimmers dare
to lie face to the sky
and water bears them,
as hawks rest upon air
and air sustains them,
so would I learn to attain
freefall, and float
into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace,
knowing no effort earns
that all-surrounding grace.

-Denise Levertov

Leaders often accomplish much by working hard and being willful.

Willfulness can make things happen, especially in the business world, and in other work arenas too.

But bending life and people to one’s will has its limits.

There seems to me a lack of humility in willfulness, and certainly a lack of faith, and a deep, deep distrust.

Extremely willful people are terribly unpleasant to be around.

Hawk Image:  Matt.Herzog

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