United Corporations of America

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2011 in Courage, Leadership

tomato paste

That’s where I live, in the good ole UC of A, where companies rule.  People don’t.

Take Congress’ spending bill.  It would push back against the USDA’s attempts to have healthier lunches.  In the bill, pizzas and tomato paste would be considered vegetables.  (And how silly of me, I thought tomatoes were fruits! :))

Don’t we have an obesity problem in this country?   A group of retired military leaders think so.  They’ve criticized Congress’ changes to the USDA’s recommendations because they recognize poor nutrition in school lunches is a national security issue.  Obesity is the leading medical disqualifier for military service.

Once again, corporate interests are protected at the expense of children.   What trumps tells what the country values, here in the good ole UC of A.

Image:  Ross Catrow

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